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Welcome Address

hos-imgWhat a great privilege and honor I have to welcome you all to the
website of our World-class citadel of learning, Cherryfield Nursery
and Primary School located in the scenic and serene Gwarinpa Estate II in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.
Our school is large enough to accommodate your big dreams of a
well-rounded and varied academic, moral and social transformation of your children just as we are small enough to identify and meet the
individual needs of your children with a view to harnessing their
natural potentials and endowments through a one-on-one professional counseling and academic drills by our team of highly resourceful teachers.
We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art modern facilities a rich blend of both the Nigerian and British curricula vis-à-vis a hygienic learner-friendly environment which guarantees an exciting and stimulating learning experience. Our teacher-pupil ratio is second –to-none and as the Head of School; I am passionate about working with other teachers to educate little children. I delight in seeing children turn out well after being exposed to years of useful instructions.

In tandem with our school’s motto: Every Child! Every Chance!! Every day!!! Let me be quick to state that all children count and they all need our support to take their rightful place in a competitive world. Therefore, elaborate consideration s must be put into planning, investing and molding their future. It is in this direction that we see our pupils as starlets who must shine and impact the world around them positively. For this to be achieved, I crave the synergy of efforts among what I call the ‘Trinity of Education’ which are: The Parents, the School and the Pupils. Professional development at all levels is paramount to the overall success of the school. So, we are looking inwards, addressing grey areas and equipping ourselves with time-tested information that will definitely yield results. There are vast opportunities to excel, possibilities and knowledge to be embraced, dreams to explore and heights to be attained. May I take this opportunity to thank the teachers for their continued professionalism, knack for excellence and dedication to service. The challenges ahead are likely to usher in new academic and interpersonal
skills that need to be developed and boundaries that need to be stretched. Our goal should be to work together to help one another to be the best that we can be. Once again welcome to our world!!!

Head of School